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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Shocked, Awed, and Angry: Brett Myers

I cannot believe what I've just read. In quite possibly the dumbest baseball move since the trade of Scott Kazmir and Jose Diaz for Victor Zambrano, Brett Myers has been sent to the bullpen by the Philadelphia Phillies. Owning him in several of my leagues, you can imagine how upset I am. I can't even think of the fantasy ramifications of this at the moment... I am simply fuming.

As mentioned in Moneyball, Pat Gillick (GM of the Phillies) does not buy into Sabermetrics, and is one of the worse GMs because of it. But even I did not think he was this stupid. Brett Myers is their second best pitcher, and that is only because another young phenom - Cole Hamels - is #1. I will be back in a little bit after I decide how to best proceed with this. Don't drop Myers yet, and I'll let you know what we should do a little later tonight.

While I'm not quite in the mood to laugh yet over this, a quote at Rotoworld forced my hand:
"Short of turning Ryan Howard into a shortstop and benching Jimmy Rollins, we can't think of anything else the Phillies could have done to better sabotage their chances for this year."

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