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Thursday, May 10, 2007

B.J. Ryan Done for the Year

B.J. Ryan had Tommy John surgery today, officially ending his season. Jason Frasor has not been as effective as the Jays had hoped or I had expected. He currently has 8.10 K/9, but the 6.08 BB/9 are discouraging. The 42.1% GB percentage, while not terrible, is the lowest of his career. If he can find his control he would be a good bet to keep the role, but as long as he is walking that many batters there's a chance he will implode and lose the job.

If he does lose the job at some point it seems Jeremy Accardo would be next in line, so in deeper leagues stashing him might be a decent move.
Accardo's line: 7.98 K/9 | 3.07 BB/9 | 51.4% GB
That would make him a serviceable closer, although he has never had a GB rating that high before, so we could see it drop in the near future. His BB/9 rating is also worse than it was last year, so there is room for improvement there.

I wouldn't drop Frasor yet, as he could definitely improve, but if he doesn't and starts blowing saves the Jays might be forced to remove him from the role.

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