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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

New Feature

I'd like to start a weekly feature that is maintained mostly through reader feedback. The idea for this week's came from one of our readers.

What is the worst trade you have ever been proposed?

This does not have to include sabermetrics in any way. It's simply the most lopsided trade that, in your opinion, you've ever been asked about. Maybe you inquired about Felipe Lopez and were asked to give up Albert Pujols. Or maybe someone offered you Chad Gaudin for Alfonso Soriano. Hopefully your league is more competitive than one where someone thinks they have a legitimate chance of completing one of these trades, but whatever your worst trade was, send it in. Next week we'll post them all (or the worst ones if the response is overwhelming). Make sure to include the year the trade was proposed.

Each week we'll try to come up with a new type of reader generated feature, so it is critical that you guys participate in order to keep this going. Email us at saberoticians [at] gmail .com to send in your contribution. Also mention whether or not you'd like your name to be included.

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