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Monday, April 2, 2007

Would Anyone Be Interested in Sabermetric Fantasy Football Rankings?

I have a question for you readers, and I would appreciate if everyone who reads my blog answers one way or another. If I were to spend the summer developing an in-depth system for Fantasy Football that uses Sabermetric principles, would you be interested?

Of course Football and Baseball are very different, but if I found meaningful stats that could tell who is valuable and who is overrated in the NFL, how many of you would want to see the rankings that a system like this would put out?

I would need to charge $10 or $15 for a Draft Guide, but if I had enough people who wanted one I would be able to spend the next 4 or 5 months developing this football system, continuing development of my baseball system, and writing to this blog.

So please, everyone who is reading this who likes what I have done with Baseball, please either comment or send me an email letting me know if you would, or would not, be interested in this Football Guide. Please let me know one way or another. Thanks everyone! I appreciate it!


Richard said...

I would

Ratdog said...

You bet. I would take a look at it.

Ratdog said...

Yes indeed. What are you waiting for...get on it :)

David Heiser said...

I would be interested as well