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Monday, May 14, 2007

Letter to the Readers

Hey everyone,
It seems like we have a pretty good base of readers now. I just wanted to mention a few quick things to everyone.

First, while we have a good amount of readers, we don't have too many commenting. Don't be afraid to give your opinion about anything I write on here. I strongly encourage it.

Second, if you have a specific question about your team or Fantasy Baseball in general, email me! I like answering your questions, so don't be shy. A couple of people posted these types of questions in the comments section, which I had forgotten about until now. I will try to answer these tomorrow, but if you email me I'll be less likely to forget about the question because it'll be sitting in my inbox, not on a comment page.

Lastly, I assume a lot of you probably read other blogs. Feel free to tell these other blogs about the Saberoticians. The more readers I can get the better!

Thanks everyone! Email me if you have any questions!

Derek Carty


Anonymous said...

I do appreciate your insight.

Anonymous said...

Great information Derek. I read every day. MC

Unknown said...

Daily reader here too....enjoy the blog.

Anonymous said...

Me too. I just stumbled across it about a week or so ago and have been checking in frequently.

Derek Carty said...

Thanks guys! I see that we get a lot of visitors, but without comments I couldn't know for sure if those people were actually reading. I've gotten a good amount of emails from readers asking for advice, but don't seem to get a lot of comments. Good to know you guys are out there though, and you enjoy this stuff. Thanks!