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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Research Day

Hey guys. Sorry for the lack of posts today. I dedicated today to some research about hitter selectivity and related things. Made some good progress that should go towards make the 2008 projections fantastic. It could help with this season as well, but a lot of what I used was from Retrosheet. Retrosheet doesn't put out data for a particular season until a couple months after it is completed, so I'm not sure how this stuff will work for the current season. As I get near the completion of what I'm doing I'll be sure to let you all know though.

On days like this I'll try to give you guys a heads up earlier in the day.


Anonymous said...

If you're taking research suggestions, here's one for you: is there any evidence to the idea that teams that run into a dominant pitcher, say a Pedro Martinez, can put a team in a slump? Thinking out loud, comparing a team's OPS for 5 games before they play Pitcher X to said team's OPD for the 5 games after they play pitcher X, is there a signficant drop, on average?

Of course, there's alot of cofounding factors like maybe pitcher X plays on a good team with good fellow rotation mates or a good bullpen; also given batting team might player an easier opponent before or after they face Pitcher X. But, if there was a way to account for these things, I think it'd be pretty interesting.

I ask because it seems like many guys on my fantasy team run into a staff ace and there's a carrover effect for several days afterwards.

Unknown said...

Since I'm not sure if you look at comments in posts from a couple days back, were you going to take another look at Atkins? I'm very curious to see if his slump can be explained (luck, skills, approach, etc).