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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Interesting Article on Philip Hughes

While Philip Hughes is pitching into the 7th inning against the Rangers, I have been reading an article on him over at the Hardball Times. Very interesting. I'm not exactly sure what to make of it yet, but if I develop a strong opinion I'll be sure to let you know. Make sure to check it out, and to cheer Philip on against the Rangers. His peripherals look quite good right now.

Wow, interesting move. I was about to post this when I saw that Hughes has just been removed from the game despite having a no-hitter through 6.1 innings. I realize that no-hitters don't actually mean a whole lot, but with the luster of it I'd think Torre would let him keep pitching. He'd only thrown 84 pitches. Oh well, I guess they want to take care of him. I can't really complain, he pitched a good game for me.

A lot of people said to bench Hughes against Texas in mixed leagues; I didn't see the necessity of it considering his good peripheral numbers against Toronto. I'm certainly glad I played him, and I hope the Yankees see what we do... that Hughes deserves to stay in the Bigs.

UPDATE: I should have known he was removed for a reason. He tweaked his hamstring. Let's hope it's nothing serious; Hughes could end up as a Top 20 SP this year.


Mark Geoffriau said...

I started him in my fairly deep mixed league.

Early report is 4-6 weeks. I'm guessing closer to 6 weeks unless his rehab goes exceptionally well and the Yankees' rotation continues to struggle.

Lou P said...

This is awful. Yanks can't get a break.

Derek Carty said...

I hear you. At least I stashed Lincecum a few days ago. Hopefully Ortiz's poor performance last night speeds up his callup.