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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Closer Updates

Jeremy Accardo has officially been given the Blue Jays closing job, so make sure he is owned in every league.

Jorge Julio was traded by the Marlins today. That leaves Taylor Tankersley as the most likely candidate to get saves in Marlins bullpen... at least until Henry Owens gets back. Neither have great peripherals, but someone has to close and the Marlins closer - whoever it is at any particular time - should probably be owned in all leagues.


Anonymous said...

Why is Tankersley the most likely candidate? Has he been used before as a closer? I see that Pinto has a save this year, and I know that Kim has closer experience. Wouldn't they be just as likely (if not more likely) to take the closer role?

Derek Carty said...

Tankersley was used a little bit in the role last year, and was given the save opportunity on Saturday. While Pinto is a possibility, I see the Marlins going with more of a committee approach until Owens comes back with Tankersley picking up the majority of the save chances.