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Monday, March 26, 2007

Closer Updates

David Weathers looks to be the frontrunner for the Reds closer job for now, but Dustin Hermanson could take the job at some point. He would be a slightly better fantasy prospect than Weathers would, but I would suggest steering clear of this situation if possible. Hermanson has been added to the closer rankings, however.

The same goes for the Devil Rays. Joe Maddon said today that he would "mix and match in the beginning." Not a situation that is favorable to fantasy owners to say the least. Al Reyes has also emerged as an option and would surely be a better one than Seth McClung. I'll work on adding Reyes to the rankings shortly.


Ratdog said...

You have a very good site here...good content and research (Watchout Chone, you may have a challenger here).

Regarding the Reds closer, where did you get your info that Weathers has won out over Hermanson? I still believe Hermanson is going to get it. I visited the local newspaper forum a moment ago and found nothing to contradict this belief. Check it out at:

Please keep up that magic you do with have become an excellent resource.


Derek Carty said...

Sorry Ed, I meant to say that Weathers is the favorite for the job, but is by no means guaranteed the spot. I read this at RotoWorld at these two links:

although this link says that Hermanson may be getting very close to becoming the frontrunner.

Glad you enjoy the blog!