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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Sleeper Alert - Moises Alou

Moises Alou is 40 years old. Moises Alou is moving to a pitcher's park. Moises Alou only played in 98 games last year. Moises Alou only had 345 At-Bats last year. Moises Alou has an injury background. Moises Alou will hit over .300 next year.

Which of these statements doesn't belong? Well, the last statement is the only positive one about Alou, so perhaps that's the right answer. Or, it's a trick question, and all of these statements are true. Yeah, that's it.

Alou is an amazing contact hitter. 89% Contact and a nearly 20% Line Drive Percentage. He's also got a 10% BB/TPA. His BB/TPA dropped to 8% last year as his P/PA dropped to 3.28, but if that bounces back a little bit Alou could contend for the batting title.

He also has some good power for a guy his age. He hit 18 True HRs last year, and since I expect him to play in more than 98 games, that number should be around 20-25 in 2007. Throw in the great lineup he is playing in for the Mets and Alou should have plenty of RBI and Run opportunities.

The only drawback to Alou is that he won't play everyday. So what kind of strategy should you employ with him? Pair him and a guy like Barry Bonds, who also won't play everyday. Those two combined will provide you with a ton of production at a fraction of the price.

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