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Thursday, March 29, 2007

One More Post About Personal Team Advising

I've already posted about this twice, but with Opening Day on Sunday I thought I'd mention this one more time. If you would like me to serve as your Personal Fantasy Baseball Team Advisor throughout the season, giving detailed, specific advice about your league and your team, please contact me ASAP.

With enough interest this would become my summer job and I would have a nearly unlimited amount of time to spend with each and every one of you on helping you win your leagues. This would probably cost $15-$20, but you would be getting personalized attention like you couldn't get anywhere else.

You see the types of responses the Mailbag questions get; this is the type of service you would receive, except you would get it for every player on your roster and every potential trade or waiver wire pickup you could make. I will also propose trades and pickups that I think you should make.

I need to know very soon to see if this is a possibility. If I don't get enough interest I wouldn't be able to do this as I wouldn't be able to devote the amount of time I would like to you. So if you're interested, please contact me ASAP.
Email me at:
saberoticians [at] blogspot . com

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